Yadira Zepeda, is the principal attorney and founder of Zepeda Law Firm, PLLC. With over 18 years of immigration law experience, representing people from around the world, she is recognized in her field and community as an expert in the U.S. Immigration laws. She has built her practice on mostly referrals as her aim has always been to be more intimate and personal with clientele. While other firms have paralegals conduct consultations, she handles all initial consults with clients and oversees each case. Her goal is to provide kindness and sincerity to each case in a very intimidating process.

As a result, she has been consistently voted TOP ATTORNEY in Immigration Law in both the 360 West Magazine and the Fort Worth Magazine. She aims to inform people in the immigrant community of their rights and options. This is why she offers free consultations. Her belief in education, which stems from her time as a high school teacher, is something that she feels should be readily available to everyone.

Yadira was heavily involved in the Vicente Fox Presidential Series where she helped assist the former president of Mexico  in their  fundraising objective to benefit children in Mexico and the United States.. Yadira has also been a member of the Immigration & Nationality Law Section, State Bar of Texas, the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA), the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and is licensed in the Northern District of Texas and the Eastern District of Texas. Yadira is also a member and officer of the Woman’s Club of Fort Worth dedicated to community fundraising for local non-profit organizations such as those that assist victims of domestic violence.

She is from the Rio Grande Valley where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a minor in Psychology, and a Social Studies Composite. Prior to practicing law, Yadira taught History in the south Texas public school system, and clerked with the 13th District Court of Appeals, as well as with the 360th District Court Judge in Tarrant County.

After graduating from law school near the top of her class, Yadira Zepeda went on to practice Immigration where she has since handled an extensive number of cases amounting to over 2000, and counting. Being a first-generation bilingual U.S. Citizen, and having lived in Mexico, she knows firsthand the hardships which exist within the Immigration process and therefore takes the approach of readily preparing the client, informing the client of all possible outcomes, and providing the client with a full understanding of the law as it applies to their case. Yadira’s parents, family, and even husband immigrated to the U.S. to achieve the American dream. She now makes it a priority in her life to make sure that she helps as many people achieve that same dream.