The Zepeda Law Firm, PLLC offers experience of over 35 years in the practice of immigration.  We understand the complexities of the law and the process.  We dedicate ourselves to helping individuals and families achieve the American dream by applying our experience and care to our clients.  Our firm also offers bilingual representation from our attorneys, as well as its staff.

Our staff is committed to helping the immigrant community achieve their immigration goals with care and dedication.  Our staff/client relationship is built on trust.  We strive to provide clarity and set expectations with our clients as best we can with the ever-changing immigration policies.  We work hard to earn the trust of our clients so that they in turn will be forthcoming with all the details of their cases, even ones that may be less favorable.  Clients trust us enough with their friends and family so much so that our clientele is mostly based on referrals.

Our goal is to help immigrants achieve the American dream, unite families, and help companies grow.

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