Kiara Ibanez is the Associate Attorney of Zepeda Law Firm, PLLC. Kiara has over six years of immigration law experience, and a lifetime full of experience dealing with the immigration community. Kiara has seen firsthand the immigration community receiving unpleasant experiences when trying to achieve legal help and thus wanted to be a protector of immigrant rights and guide them into achieving legal status. Kiara can resonate with her clients as a first generation American and with having family and friends still going through the tumultuous obstacles of trying to achieve legal status. Kiara works side by side with the paralegals in the office to make sure that each and every case is being attended to and that questions and concerns are always being answered. Kiara works hard so that the immigration community no longer must suffer in silence, but finally be given a voice.

As a result of her dedication, Kiara went to Law School and was very involved in Immigration Law Society organizations, doing over 50 hours of Pro-Bono work, and interning with Immigration Law attorneys and non-profit organizations such as, Americans for Immigrant Justice. She was also invited to join her Law School’s Law Review and was able to present an article regarding the injustices the immigration community continues to face.
Kiara is a continuing member of the Immigration Law Society organization and the Latino Law Society organization at her Law School, she is a member of the Immigration & Nationality Law Section, the State Bar of Texas, and is licensed in the Northern District of Texas.

Kiara was born in California but raised in the DFW area of Texas, where she earned honors of Magna Cum Laude in her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. Kiara was able to achieve her bachelor’s in 2.5 years to give her the time to fully dedicate herself to a year of interrupted work in immigration law. Kiara then proceeded to Law School, where she graduated with honors of Cum Laude and ranked 10th in her class. Kiara then went on to practice Immigration with Zepeda Law Firm in October of 2021.

Kiara will take any circumstance or unfortunate series of events and try to find the loopholes, evidence to support the case, and sections of law to shape the case to the outcome that is expected. She understands this takes time, effort, perseverance, and resourcefulness to be able to take a case and give the client the outcome they always wanted, they always needed. Her life experiences, such as her parents leaving their life behind in Peru and immigrating to the United States to better themselves and better the future of the children who were to come, is what has grounded her roots in the soil of law. Kiara will move mountains for the immigration community, to try and bring peace in such an uncertain world.